Lake Superior Blue Gill

 I used a real fishing pole to suspend this Blue Gill from a granite wall overlooking beautiful Lake Superior on the North Shore of Minnesota. Copyright © 2018 by Metal Motion Art, LLC. All … Continue reading Lake Superior Blue Gill

Largemouth Bass

 This Largemouth Bass was a commission now at home on Lake Lucy. He hangs from a twelve-foot stainless steel fishing pole that is anchored to the ground using large boulders that have been drilled … Continue reading Largemouth Bass

Biker Mermaid

 Biker Mermaid was created for all the motorcycle enthusiasts out there. She is holding on to a hand-crafted, vintage looking stainless steel bar. 62″ in length. Copyright © 2018 by Metal Motion Art, LLC. … Continue reading Biker Mermaid

Mermaid Mobile – Large Version

 The latest Mermaid is the largest yet, coming in at 60″ in length. She was created using salvaged stainless steel and has very fluid movement. Perhaps what’s most memorable are her Swarovski Crystal eyes. … Continue reading Mermaid Mobile – Large Version


 This Walleye was created using salvaged 20-gauge stainless steel. The detail is created using a mig welder and the scales have been ground in using a disc grinder. 38 inches in length. Copyright © … Continue reading Walleye

Rainbow Trout

 This Rainbow Trout was created using salvaged stainless steel. The movement on this fish is very fluid and life like. The coloring is done with automotive detail paint and an air brush to get … Continue reading Rainbow Trout

Bones the skeletal Walleye

 Meet Bones, a skeletal Walleye. Bones was created using salvaged steel with a copper plated/verdigris finish. Each rib is designed individually and then bent to align with the other. Inspiration came from a paper … Continue reading Bones the skeletal Walleye

Tropical Trigger Fish

 This Tropical Trigger Fish was created using 20-gauge stainless steel. I robbed the spoon from our stainless set, oops. The coloring was added using automotive detail paint and a clear coat finish. Very good … Continue reading Tropical Trigger Fish